Julio 2016
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05 Jul 2016 
In an interview with Bloomberg, Cube spoke on the conspiracy by the gatekeepers of the airwaves” to keep the rap acts that took on N.W.A.'s legacy of being political off of the radio. Music provides the powerful influence which we seek to express in movement and dance. If music that was played on the radio didn't have censoring then I think a lot more people just wouldn't listen to the radio at all positive rap lyrics when with their family. Rap is no doubt music, music is an organized collection of sounds, however, the vocals are used as a rhythmic instrument (like a drum) while it is generally used with tones. There were even times when artists of the two collaborated and created music for both sides. Music videos were a big reason they were able to successfully cross over into the mainstream. Right now we want to take our music to Africa and work with the rappers all over Africa.

Wether it's some guy beating on a peice of wood and another guy grunting, it's music. When it comes to music being played now it wouldn't compare to some from years ago. Break beats became a rage and rap music played almost all the time at gatherings! Artists skillfully combine hip-hop's lyrical and social conscious rap origins with gospel and urban themes.

There is simply sex and we are all a part of it. Pop music has replicated relationships to such an extent that we've already experienced all there is a thousand times over before we can accept a hug, hold a hand, or share a kiss. Rock Dis Funky Joint is Poor Righteous Teacher's first and last hit single, and an extremely influential song in paving the way for future conscious rappers. It is linguistic imperialism, or, in the case of music and art, cultural imperialism.

I loved it for how it gave a voice to the creative processess of the musicians, and exposed the systematic way WP - in this case judges and the music industry execs - both managed to denigrate that creative process, and extract exhorbitant profit from it. Like several cases within many genres of music,examples needed the umbrella term was originally coined by audiences and music critics rather than the actual artists themselves.

Fans of the hip-hop world are intrigued with how the sound of rap can be established in different sounds. In addition, I somehow think that it is precisely the marginal status of many underground rappers that give their music power. Hip-hop music fans can hurry over to and Enter to Win a copy of Jair Dynast new solo debut album or a copy of his 12-inch single.

After this she recognizes there ain't nothing left to sell, So she sees sex as a way of leaving hell,” and becomes a prostitute, which ends in Brenda joining the statistics as a newspaper headline: Prostitute, found slain and Brenda's her name, she's got a baby.” Even without watching the music video, Tupac's lyrics paint the disturbing picture in your mind and the music video confirms this image.
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